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  (About Badaam Est.)

Where is located ?
Abdullah Badaam Est. located in Jeddah city, Khaled Bin Al-waleed street, Al-waleed center, before king abdullah road around 200 meter
Do you have any branches?
No, We don't have
What are the official working hours ?

From Saturday to Thursday
AM  8:30 - 13:30
PM  4:30 - 9:30
Friday OFF
How can contact you?
Phone: 966-12-6500027
Fax: 966-12-6504688
Email: info

Engr. Khalid Badaam: 966-50-5534541
What is your bank information?
We have account on two banks, Al-Rajhi & National Commercial Bank (Alahli Bank) as follow:

Bank Name: Al Rajhi Bank
Beneficiary Name: Abdullah Badaam Est.
Branch number : 391
Account number: 608010001011
IBAN: SA84 8000 0391 6080 1000 1011

Bank Name: National Commercial Bank
Beneficiary Name: Abdullah Badaam Est.
Branch number : 121
Account number: 13197000107
IBAN: SA59 1000 0012 1131 9700 0107

What are the pay ways ? Do you have installment service ?
First: Cash
Second: 50% Down Payment 50% on delivery
Third: transfer bank
Fourth: Cheque to Abdullah Badaam Est.

No,,, We apologize sell installments


  (About Acrylic)

Do you have any trophies manufactured and ready to pick up?
Sorry, we don't have. We manufacture according to customer specifications
Can I write the text on the trophies?
Yes, certainly we have different ways to write the text on the trophies as the engraving laser or heat press printing or silk screen printing and also can merge between engraving and printing.


  (About Machines)

If I buying any machines from your company, are there training for it??
Sure we provide training for most machines
Did you have spare parts for the machines if there any damage in future??
Yes we provide most of necessary spare parts
Are there any warranty for the machines?
There are companies provide one year warranty on their products and there are companies that not give any guarantees and we do our part to preserve our customers and offer always free maintenance and technical support if there is any damage to these machines
What is the level of work the machines provided to customers?
We looking to provide the best global machines and under experiences for many years, but there some times be mistak from the same manufacturer and we strive to solve this mistakes


  (About Shipping order)

What are the steps to receive the goods, if live outside the city of Jeddah??
First: Chose your goods and contact one of our staff and inquire about prices and know the total payment of your order and let us know about your city, address, numbers, contacts and company shipment

Second: Transfer the payment to our account

Third: After checking on your transfer, we are processing your order

Fourth: Send your order with shipment companies may take from one day to three days

What is the guarantee the arrival of goods without any damage?
Our principal duty is test the goods and it is work well and we inform the shipping company the goods is breakable
Who pays the value of sending goods? What are the companies that are dealing with it??
When you are receiving goods the customer will pay the amount to the shipping company.

We deal with all shipping companies available in Saudi Arabia, and the customer is to choose the appropriate shipping company

What is the policy of sending goods?
If you do not inform us within a week, it means that the goods have been received and It is same your request order


  (Important Information)

How do I start new job?
Browse our

Take your time to read the available information on each product

Start by selecting your order and communicate with our staff

Request order from our staff and they will do the best to provide you with all the required information about our staff has a experience for tens of years

What is the difference between OKI printers, Epson printers and Ricoh printers?
OKI is laser printers and you can use with many hard surfaces and textiles just change transfer papers, epson and ricoh printers are a sublimation inks but ricoh printer using inks gel and this better with head nozzles
What is difference between heat transfer papers?
There are many kinds for transfer papers, we are distributors for joto papers made in america we provided many kinds transfer papers like ink jet transfer papers, laser transfer papers and sublimation papers and all these products has been tested with washing.


  (Services Information)

Designs service
Before the final process we design your request by professional designers and using best software until you see the reality in front of you also you check your information before you begin the final process
Consulting Service
When you have certain idea but you can't complete this idea, you can contact us to find our staff serve you they have a lot of experience in the advertising
Urgent Service
It is one of the best services offered to our customers, may surprise you Celebration and you have a short time, we provide you urgent service that allows you to priority in the order of your order and make all efforts and raise the production capacity to the maximum until receive your order on the time
Special page service
Very special service we provide it to our customer special page service on our website to check order step by step from start until finish and receive it 
Delivery external service
We have many customers thanks to God outside the city of Jeddah we deal with them simplicity. Don't think about how your order arrives, we provide this service for you.
FAQ, service
A set of questions and answers that are repeated constantly and we have set even provide you with a lot of effort, FAQ page will update and we will try to answer most common questions until we get to an advanced stage for the convenience of our customers


  (Retrieval and replacement)

Retrieval and replacement policy
To take advantage of the retrieval and replacement to provide good services, you must bring the original invoice.

A return or replacement may be made if the item is the same as its original condition at the time of purchase and is encapsulated in the original packaging

Retrieval within three (3) days and replacement within seven (7) days from the date of purchase.

In the case of replacement with other materials and there is a difference, the price difference shall be restored in the same way as it was paid.

If the customer is outside the Jeddah City, the application can be returned or replaced as follows
If the order is incorrect, the Badaam Est will bear the freight costs of returning and sending the new order without any costs to the customer.

If the order is correct and at the request of the customer and wishes to retrieve or replace the order, the customer will bear all shipping costs from returning and retrieving the order as a maximum of 7 days from issuing the purchase date

Customer shall not be return or replace permanently open containers, materials used or items sold in meters

If the order is approved by one of the communication numbers shown, the above mentioned retrieval or replacement policy shall apply
Mobile or Watts: 966505534541
Telephone: 966126500027